The Judgment of Sgt. J Chapter 4 Demons and Angels

I closed the door behind me as I entered the house. I leaned back against the door crying. I knew John was standing outside of the door.

"Please John just leave," I sobbed out from behind the door.

I heard his truck pull from the driveway as I went to my bedroom. I sat down onto the bed and looked to my wrist. I rubbed where the diamond tennis bracelet John had given me once was. I had taken it off and placed it beside my glass of wine before I asked him to take me home.

After seeing photos of his wife and him together, I saw how lovely his wife truly was. As I did, I only saw myself, as I looked abused and beaten, I saw the love and happiness they shared and the despair that has filled mine. Their eyes told me they loved each other very much. This man John was a good man. He was too good of a man for a bad person like me.

John only proved that to me with his story. I felt his love for that girl named Carrie as he told me his story. It was about the most beautiful tale of love I had ever heard. They were soul mates designed by gods hand meant for each other from the beginning while John and I were but passing ships in the night. 

I cried myself to sleep that night not over turning John away from me, as it was the right thing to do. He was high class while I was low class, He was a good man and I was a bad person. I cried because I did not know how I was going to explain to my daughter that I had sent her dream away. 

The next morning I came down to breakfast. My mom was sitting at the table as I walked into the kitchen. My eyes red and swollen from crying and my hair a mess as I got a cup of coffee, I looked like shit.

"Kay, you didn’t?" My mom asked me.

She knew before I told her I had sent John away. I explained to her how lovely his deceased wife was as well as the bond that held them together. I ended up telling her the same story John had told me.

"He is better off without me," I said to her.

Mom stood up as she shook her head from side to side, "You are a fool child to send such a man away," as she placed her empty coffee cup into the sink. She turned to me as she asked, "What of your daughter does she have to be miserable like you?"

I had no answer for her as she walked away shaking her head from side to side. Sherri had gotten up early to go somewhere with her friends so I would not have to deal with her right now. I managed to avoid Sherri when she did return home. I was mowing the yard when my mom came outside to me.

"Your daughter is inside calling John," mom said to me

"Why it is over between him and me," I replied.

"It might be for you but not for your daughter," mom said.

I was going to go to Sherri however, mom told me to let her enjoy her happiness a little longer before I take it away from her. I cried as I finished the yard work as my own mother thought I was a bad mother. I waited until it was Sherri’s bedtime before I would tell her.

As I tucked her into bed Sherri asked, "Why didn’t John come see you today mommy?"

"I am no longer seeing John," I replied.

"Why mommy is he a bad man?" Sherri asked sitting up in her bed.

I fought back my tears as I replied, "I will explain it all to you when you are older," "Right now it is your bedtime," as I lay her back down into her bed.

"Mommy, can I ask you something?" Sherri asked me sitting up in her bed.

"What is that sweetie?" I asked in return.

"Does that mean the Angel Carrie no longer looks after me as I sleep?" Sherri asked me.

"Who looks after you? I asked.

She replied, "Carrie does mommy because she went to heaven where she got her wings." "When John tucked me into bed that night he told me good night sweet child and have no fears for I know an angel who walks with us; she is here and always near."

"I am sure she still does," I replied to her as I kissed her goodnight fighting back my tears.

I cried myself to sleep that night with my head buried into my pillow so she could not hear me. I might have made a mistake when I sent John away. The next morning Sherri came down for breakfast happy and cheerful as could be. I had figured she would be back to being sad especially now that she knew, I was no longer seeing John.

"Why are you so happy today Sherri?" I asked.

"Because Angel Carrie told me in my dream last night not to worry your mommy would listen to her heart as does John," Sherri said.

"Did Carrie tell you anything else in your dream?" I asked figuring my sweet little girl was making this all up.

"Yes she told me everything would be OK and that Melissa and her would wait for all of us to join them when the time came," Sherri said to me.

"Wait for us where?" I asked her.

"At their happy place on the lake where you hear the gentle lapping of the waves crashing against the shoreline. Where the moon dances upon the water, where stars shine bright to many to count," that sweet little girl replied.

I almost fell over when she had told me that. I had just learned of this happy place the other night so I knew she had not heard of it from me. I also was sure that John would not have told her his story. I sent her off to school while I stayed home from school for I could not face John.

I sat around all day trying to figure out what Sherri had told me. I knew she might have known Carrie and Melissa’s names. In addition, that Carrie was now an Angel as John had told her she lives in heaven. However, there was no way she could have known about their happy place.

Sherri came home from school as happy as ever. We had dinner, which I had fixed her favorite spaghetti with meatballs. My mother went out with some friends and told me not to wait up on her. Sherri was in her room drawing and I had just sat down onto the sofa when Cathy walked in the door.

"GIRL why did you break that man’s heart," Cathy screamed at me. "I have half the notion to take that man from you," she added.

"YOU LEAVE your hands off JOHN he belongs to my mommy," Sherri yelled charging at Cathy then striking her fists to her thighs.

"SHERRI ANN you go to your room young lady," I screamed.

As Sherri ran to her room I apologized to Cathy for her behavior then Cathy said, "Your daughter will fight for that man but you won’t."

"Cathy, I can’t his dead wife was more lovely than I ever was," "They shared a special bond which they still share after her death," I replied.

"I know how lovely she was and I know his story as well," Cathy said. "I also know your story," "How you are not special, how you only feel loved by the numbers of bruises on you." "How your pain must be your daughters pain." "How you leave anyone including me when they tell you that they love you," she added.

I sat there thinking Cathy was right. She had spoken nothing but the truth. I cried once more ashamed of myself. I had sent a good man away while keeping bad ones longer than I should have. Cathy sat down beside me wrapping her arms around me.

"Kay, you have to let the ice around your heart thaw," Cathy said to me rubbing her hand on my back.

I looked into her face as I replied, "John meleted it when he made love to me Saturday night and I mean love not sex." "He even told me that he loves me."

"Why did you send him away then Kay?" Cathy asked.

"Because I was scared of being hurt again as I was falling in love with him as well," I replied. I wiped at my tears as I added, "I have only screwed my life and my daughter’s life up again." "I sent away not only a good man but one my daughter trusts."

"Do you want John back?" Cathy asked me.

"I was wrong however he will want nothing to do with me just as my daughter soon will not," I replied. "I probably hurt him and he will never talk to me again," I added.

"Kay do you agree that John is special as Sherri see’s him?" Cathy asked taking my hand.

"That man is special for he has my daughter talking to Angels," I replied smiling at her.

Cathy wiped her own tears as I told her about Sherri telling me she talked to Carrie in her dream last night. I told her about Angel Carrie telling Sherrie about their happy place. I explained to her that there was no way she could have known about it.

"A man who has survived what he has faced in life has to be walking with Angels," Cathy said to me.

"What am I going to do?" I asked her.

"Well first talk to him, tell him what you told me," Cathy replied. "If that does not work then tell him we will do him in a threesome if he takes you back," she added.

"Would you Cathy?" I asked.

"To be with you and with him I would," Cathy replied hugging me tightly.

Her embrace of me was one that I had not felt in a long time. It was a loving one. My body filled with warmth and peace just as it does when John holds me. I felt at ease as she held me once more as she had many times before, which I had missed dearly.

Cathy moved her mouth to my ear then whispered, "I love you Kay, I always have and I always will."

I whispered back into her ear, "I love you Cathy and I want you as much as I want and need John."

Cathy and I talked into the night. She even got thing straighten out with Sherri. Cathy promised her that John was mommies and she was only helping me get him back. Sherri told her she was helping as well because she wanted a man she could call daddy. I also told Cathy I would share John with her, all she had to do was to ask. I was in love with Cathy and John. They both made me feel good about myself and they both made Sherri happy.

I also thought Cathy might be able to help me with John, as I knew nothing of that Vietnam War; she had a brother who fought in that war. I also remembered he had taken his own life due to the demons he had brought home with him. I did not sleep well that night as I was full of worry that John the man I was falling in love with would send me away as I had him.

Cathy picked me up for school the next morning. I told her I was scared to face John after what I had done. Cathy urged me to tell him the truth.

"If you don’t Kay, I will," Cathy said to me as we pulled into the parking lot.

Cathy and I went to our usual sitting place and we waited. John finally walked into the room. I looked at him then turned away quickly. He walked right over to our table 

"Good morning ladies," John said. He looked at me as he added, "You left this at my house Saturday night," as he handed the tennis bracelet to me.

"John, you know I cannot accept that, I replied looking up to him.

"Then just throw it away," "I am not for sure what happened Saturday night but if I said something or hurt you in anyway I am sorry." "I do hope that you will you please still do the business seminar with me as I already signed you up," John said to me in a firm but polite tone of voice.

"John…," I started to say then John placed his fingers to my lips.

John removed his finger as he said, "I am not taking the bracelet back, do the seminar with me and consider it as payment for it if you want too." "I only meant it to be a token of my thanks for showing me happiness but I know I can never be happy again." "Please tell your daughter I am sorry if I brought any despair to her as I have on you," then he turned and walked away.

I turned to Cathy with tears in my eyes as I said, "I was going to tell him but he stopped me."

"Well go after him Kay," Cathy replied wiping my tears from my eyes. 

I grabbed my books and I searched the halls however, John was gone. I went into the girl’s room where I cried until the first class bell rang. I walked slowly to my morning class. I had my books pressed against my chest with my arms around them as one hand rubbed at the tennis bracelet around my wrist.

I walked into the room to see John sitting in his sit. I had not thought to look in our first class for him. He looked at me then looked away quickly. I went to him rubbing my hand lightly on his back as I sat down beside him.

John turned looking at me as I said, "John, I will do the seminar with you."

"Thank you," John replied looking away.

I sat there as class began just staring at him. He never looked to me however, I could see his eyes shift my way every now and then. I was still staring at him when our first break bell rang. John hurried from the classroom and I followed him outside. He was standing there when I walked up beside him. I looked at him then I hung my head to the ground. It was my way of telling him that he won and I surrender. 

"Would you like to go talk somewhere?" John asked me.

I shook my head yes then he asked, "Anywhere special you would like to go?"

"Your office would be fine as I have never seen it," I replied.

John drove me to his office and he seemed surprised when I sat next to him with my arm laced through his. We soon arrived at his office. It was a big building instead of just a little office. John told me it was mostly empty now but at one time, his company filled all the rooms.

John introduced me to his partner Frank. John had already told me about Frank how he was with him and Carrie when they ran his company together. Frank seemed like a nice man and he was even joking with John about not disturbing us. John left me into his office as he explained to Frank that we were there only to talk.

While John was talking to Frank, I walked around his office. There were photos hanging all around his office. There were photos of John and other men in uniform, photos of Carrie and John at job sites. I was staring at a big picture of John with his mom and dad as well as another older man in the photo as John walked in closing the door.

"John are those your mom and dad?" I asked.

"Yes and that is my uncle with us, he owed this company before giving it to me," John replied. "Everyone in the photo is dead," John added as if he meant himself as well.

"Your still here John," I said as I pointed to a man who looked like John but was not as I asked, " "Who is the other man in uniform next to the pictures of you in uniform?" 

"He was my brother, he lost his life in Vietnam," John replied.

"I am sorry John," I said to him with sadness in my voice.

"Don’t be, I got over losing him and everyone else years ago," I replied.

"You look handsome in your uniform John," I said. "I bet Carrie was proud of you but also feared you may not ever return to her," I added looking to the photos of him in his uniform.

"Carrie knew where to find me if anything ever happened to me," John said looking at me as if wondering just what I was doing.

"I wish I could have known her," I said to him looking at her photo on the wall. "I just know she was a special person," I added.

"Carrie would have opened her heart for you and Sherri," "She was just that type," John replied.

"Like an angel who walks amongst us," I said looking at him smiling.

"Kay, are you alright?" "Nothing has happened has it?" John asked with worry in his tone of voice.

"Only that I turned a man with good intent away." "Because I was blind and heartless to him," "I was more worried about my own feelings and not caring for his," I replied. I then added, "I am sorry John for how I acted Saturday night."

"It was my fault I rushed things a bit between us," John replied.

"Rushed things right, John it took you two months to kiss me," I replied.

John took a hold of my hand and he led me to his chair behind his desk sitting me down in it. He walked around pacing beside his desk for a second or two as if he was nervous or had something he wanted to say. Then he looked at me.

"I wanted to make sure you were ready," "Kay I know it is hard for you to trust men again however I mean you no harm," John said to me with truth in his eyes

John walked over to a picture of Carrie as he said, "I know you think you're not as lovely as Carrie even if you are lovelier to me." "I know what Carrie and I once shared was special because of the love and the bond we shared." "I know you think that you never can give to me what Carrie gave to me." "But you’re wrong you have given that and much more to me since I met you." John eyes grew with a serious look as he added, "You just do not realize what it has meant to me."

"I know John and I am sorry," "I was just scared," I replied. I smiled at him as I added, "I was afraid of how lovely Carrie was and to hear of the special bond the two of you shared." "I thought there was nothing I could give to you." "I had to walk away because of Carrie." "However I did not know she was not going to let me walk away from you John."

"What are you talking about Kay?" John asked.

"I also know that Sherri adores you as much as you do her which is a lot," "I went to tuck her into her bed last night. That sweet little girl of mine asked me why you did not come over Sunday," I replied.

I told her that I was no longer going to see you. She asked me why. I told her when she was older I would explain it to her.

"Right now Sherri it is time for you to go to sleep," I said to her.

"Mommy, can I ask you something?" Sherri asked me as she sat back up into bed.

"What is that sweetie?" I asked in return.

"Does that mean the Angel Carrie no longer looks after me as I sleep?" Sherri asked me.

"Who looks after you? I asked her.

"Carrie does mommy because she went to heaven where she got her wings," Sherri replied. Sherri added, "When John tucked me into bed that night he told me good night sweet child and have no fears for I know an angel who walks with us; she is here and always near."

"I am sure Angel Carrie still does," I replied to her as I kissed her goodnight.

"I cried myself to sleep that night with my head buried into my pillow so she could not hear me," I said to John before I went on with my story.

The next morning Sherri came down for breakfast happy and cheerful as could be. I had figured she would be back to being sad especially now that she knew, I was no longer seeing you John.

"Why are you so happy today Sherri?" I asked.

"Because Carrie told me in my dream last night not to worry your mommy would listen to her heart as does John," Sherri said.

John stopped me as he said, "Kay I have to tell you, Sherri called me yesterday and she asked me not to give up on you." "I told her I would not and she told me she would help me too." "That must have been what her dear little heart meant."

"John I know she called you and offered her help my mom told me," I replied. "It was what Sherri told me next that got to me John," I added.

"And what was that?" John asked not knowing what it could have been.

"Did Carrie tell you anything else in your dream?" I asked her thinking my sweet little girl had made this all up or something.

"Yes she told me everything would be OK and that she and Melissa would wait for all of us to join them when the time came," Sherri said to me.

"Wait for us where?" I asked her.

"At their happy place on the lake where you hear the gentle lapping of the waves crashing against the shoreline. Where the moon dances upon the water, where stars shine bright to many to count," Sherri replied to me

"John I did not tell her about that place as I did not know of it until Saturday night," "I also know you would not have told her that story," I said smiling to John.

John just stood there with a puzzled look on his face not knowing what to say to me. I arose from my chair and walked over to him. As I got near him, he held his arms out to me as a lone single tear ran from his eye.

I went into his arms as I reached up taking his tear upon my fingertip holding it up for him to see as I said, "I know you do not shed this tear for yourself but for us all."

"Kay I…," John started to say as I stopped him with my finger to his lips. 

"Just hold me John," I said as I wrapped my arms around him.

John wrapped me in his arms pulling my head against his chest. His hands rubbed at my back as mine rubbed at his. I felt peace and calm filling my body as he held me. I felt no fear for I was safe in his arms.

 "Someday I hope to see this happy place where we are to meet angel Carrie however for now here in your arms will always be my happy place," I said to John as he held me.

"It’s a lovely place up on the lake, someday I will show it to you but for now my happy place is here with you in my arms and Angel Carrie in my heart where she will always be," John whispered sweetly into my ear.

I lifted my head from his chest. I stared up into those lovely hazel eyes of his. They sparkled and shined as the blueness took over the shade of his eyes. His eyes were telling me finally, what this man held in his heart.

John smiled at me as he asked, "What do my eyes tell you Kay?"

"I see the trusting eyes of the man who loves me like no other can." "I see myself in his eyes as my heart tells me he is trustworthy, cute and brave this man here." "My heart tells me to tell this man; my heart is open and my eyes have seen the truth that I am in love with this man," "John, I love you," 
"I truly do," I said staring into his eyes.

"I love you too Kay simply because it is you," John replied smiling at me.

"John, could you do something for me?" I asked still staring into my eyes.

"Anything Kay I would do anything for you," John replied.

"Make sweet love to me again right now," I said smiling.

John pressed his lips gently to mine. We kissed deeply and with passion. I slipped my tongue into his mouth as he gently sucked at my tongue. His tongue rolls over mine as he slowly backs me to his desk. As my ass touches his desk, I turn the tables on him by spinning him so his butt is against the desk.

My hands reached for his belt as I squat down before him. I unbuckle and I undo his pants then pull his zipper slowly down. John’s pants fall down around his ankles. I yank his underwear down joining his pants at his ankles. His semi hard cock lies against his thigh.

"Seems like lunch is not quite ready," I said to him as I stand up pushing him back onto his desk.

I pry his legs apart getting between them as my hands go to his semi hard cock. I used my hands on his cock rubbing them against it then rolling his cock between them. John’s cock started to grow in my hands as I did. I wrapped one hand around his cock and started to pump it up and down his lovely cock. His cock swells and throbs in my hand as I look at his big hanging balls

"I love your big balls," I said to him as my other hand plays with his hanging nuts.

I am jacking his cock with one hand while I play with his balls. His cock is hard and throbbing in my hand as I do. My pussy is twitching and tingling as I pump his cock in my hand. I roll his balls together in my other hand as I look at the head of his cock.

"That is what I want," I said to him as his pre- cum oozes from his cock.

John looks at me from his back on the desk as I bend over bringing my face to his cock. I stick my tongue out dapping it into the pre-cum then pull my tongue back as it strings to my mouth. John lays his head back to his desk as a soft moan escapes his lips as I take the head of his cock into my mouth. I nurse at his dickhead with my mouth sucking out as much pre-cum as I can get from his cock.

I start to work my mouth up and down his hard cock taking more of it into my mouth each time. I squeeze at his balls when I have all of his cock in my mouth. I look to John as he looks to me with my mouth full of his cock. I use my tongue on the underside of his cock with it deep in my mouth. The head of his cock has worked its way partly into my throat as I did.

John hands grip at the edges of his desk as I suck at his cock deeply. I slowly raise my mouth back off his cock, as I did not want him to cum yet, as I had not finished toying with him. I pop his cock from my mouth kissing and licking at the head of his dick. I suck at the head of his cock as my hand wraps around it. I jack on his cock as I suck on just the head of his dick. John moans lightly and I remove my mouth from his cock.

"Let me take my jeans off," I seductively said to him.

Now I learned how to tease a man while working at the nightclub. The better I teased the more tips I would make. John looked to me as I kicked my shoes from my feet. I unsnapped my jeans lowering them just a little from my waist. I smile at him as I slowly and seductively unbuttoned my shirt.

I shake the girls in their push up bra at him as I blow kisses to him. John smiles at me as his cock dances as he lies upon the desk. I go between his legs where I bend over with the girls hanging in the push up bra. 

I bring the tops of my breasts to his cock and teasingly rub the tops of my girls against his throbbing cock. John’s arms reaches for me however, I back away from him before his hands can grab me.

I smile at him as I shake my head no and wag my finger at him. I undo my shirt’s last button and remove my shirt. I toss it over John’s face as I did.
John pulls it from his face throwing it to the floor. His eyes are on me and I know I have him hooked with my teasing.

I stand before him in my push up bra and my jeans unsnapped. I push the girls together with my arms to their sides as I bend over a little toward him. I am running my hands over my legs and my thighs as I do. I straighten back up as I slowly unzip my jeans one zipper tooth at a time. I pull my jeans down so he can see the hair on my pussy and he can see that I am not wearing any panties. 

John is watching me intently as his cock throbs. I run my hands up over my push up bra to the top of my tits. I rub my hands at the girls top then all around my tits before I massage the girls through my push up bra as I stand in front of him. I look into his eyes as I play with my tits still in their bra. His eyes sparkle and shine as his smile grows telling me he is enjoying the show.

I move my hands to my back unhooking my bra. I let it fall forward spilling the girls from it. I swing the girls back and forth, as they hang below their bra. I remove my bra and toss it on his throbbing cock. John takes my bra into his hand as he rubs it on his cock before he tosses it with my shirt on the floor.

I take my tits into my hands. I cup them in my hands as I rub at my nipples with my fingers. My nipples grow harder and stand out as my fingers toy with them. I squeeze and pull at my tits with my hands staring at him. I move a hand to under one of my breasts lifting it to my mouth. I stick my tongue out licking at my big hard nipple. 

"I love to play with my tits as well as other women’s tit John," "I am Bisexual," I cooed out to him as my tongue flicked at my hard nipple.

John moves his hand to his cock as I lick at my nipples. I drop the one tit as I lift the other bringing it to my mouth. I lick around my nipple teasing it with my tongue. I pull my tit further up to my mouth taking my nipple into my mouth as I suckle at it watching him pumping on his cock with his hand.

"I love watching a man play with his cock," I say to him dropping my tit from my mouth.

I use one hand to pull at my nipples as I work the other down inside my jeans. I rub at my pussy as I pinch at my nipple. I turn my back to John removing my hands from my pussy and my tit. I look over my shoulder at him as my hands go to my jeans.

John stops pulling on his cock as I looked at him. His eyes twinkle as he stares at me. I wonder what he is thinking or if he stopped because I was getting to him. I slowly lower my jeans exposing the little dip at the top of my ass for him to see. John sits up on the desk staring at my butt.

"I saw you John checking out my ass that first day in college," I said to him smiling as I lowered my jeans below my round butt. "At the time John I thought it was a little rude of you to be checking out my ass." "But when I sat down next to you I had to squeeze my thighs together to keep my pussy from leaking as I thought about just how cute you were," I added as I turned my head from looking at him.

John’s cock had been dancing as I talked to him like that. Most men love to hear that they make a girl horny just by looking at them or being near them. John was no different as his cock bounced happily on it own as I dropped my jeans and stepped out of them tossing them to him before I bend over at my waist. I bend down looking at him from between my legs.

"Feel the crotch of my jeans John," I said as I looked through my legs at him.

John’s hand rubbed at the crotch of my jeans as he said, "I love a woman who gets wet," as he sniffed then licked at my jeans with his tongue.

"You are a dirty boy," I said to him standing back up facing him once more.

I stood there as his eyes roamed over my body starting at the top of it. John smiled looking at my 40 c tits working his eyes down to my abdomen. He tilted his head at me giving me a sad look. I had my hands covering my stretch marks. Those marks I had always covered with sexy lingerie, as most men did not care to see them. 

 "Sorry John, most men never thought my life giving marks were beautiful," I said to him as I dropped my hands to my side. I went between his legs and touched my hand to the side of his face as I added, "Then again you are not like most men," as I rubbed at his face.

I rubbed my hairy box against his hard cock at the edge of his desk. I pressed my lips to him kissing him as he kissed me back. I could feel my pussy dripping juices onto my thighs as we kissed.

I broke our kiss as I said, "I thought you did not find me attractive at first because you did not try to kiss me after our first date," smiling at him.

"Kay I…," John replied before I pressed my finger to his lips.

"It was much more romantic when you kissed my hand John as no one had ever kissed my hand before," I said stroking my hand to the side of his face once more. 

"Then you handing me that single red rose the next morning," "I was glad you just walked away after giving it to me because I cried when you left." "Cathy told me I must have been dam good last night," "I told her that was the problem I had been good or I should say you were not trying anything that is," I added staring deeply into his eyes.

I stared deeply into his eyes. I wanted to know he loved me truly. However as I did I heard that voice within me as it spoke, "He may love you but you can never love him," as it repeated in my mind.

I had to act fast or my mind would ruin everything. I repositioned my pussy so it was on his knee. I wrapped my arms around his neck as my lips went to his. I kissed John deeply and with passion hoping to stop the voice I was hearing. I licked at his lips as I rubbed my pussy into his knee. My wet pussy lips slipped back and forth on his knee as the voice left my head. I moaned softly as I rubbed my pussy into his knee.

I stopped licking at his lips as I said, "I should have known then John that you were like no man I had ever met." I stared back into his eyes as I added, "I should have known it when my little girl asked me the next day before she went to school was there something wrong with you."

"Wrong with …," John started to reply before I stopped him with a finger to his lips.

"I asked her what she meant John," "John is not like the other men you have been with he is nice and he knows how to fix skates," I said to him.

I kissed him deeply again as I rubbed my pussy harder into his knee. I slipped my tongue into his mouth as he slipped his into mine. I moaned softly as a quick wet orgasm raced through me as my pussy gave a little squirt onto his knee as I did.

I broke our kiss as I said, "You know how to fix a lot of thing that are broken," as I pushed John down on his desk.

I climbed up on top of as I straddled his midsection. I got onto my feet as I squatted over his cock. I reached down taking it into my hand guiding it to my pussy. I rubbed it once against my wet pussy before I sat upon it.

"AHHhhhh John," I yelled out as I took all of his cock deeply inside of my pussy.

I placed my hands to his chest as I started to bounce up and down on his lovely hard cock. John watched my tits bouncing and swinging as I rode his cock. I leaned back putting my hands to his thighs as I bounced for all I was worth up and down his cock. I moaned as I closed my eyes as I felt like something was missing.

"You can slap my tits, John," I said to him not really realizing I had.

John shook his head no, as his hands went to my breasts. His caresses them gently with his hands, He lifts his head up to them and flicks his tongue across my nipples. My pussy is wet and the wet sounds fill the office as I ride his cock. John takes one of my tits into his mouth and he suckled on it.

"AHHhh John you are going to make me cum," I screamed loudly.

I start to grind my pussy down onto his cock forcing it deep in my pussy. The desk seems to rock as an orgasm works through my body. I feel John’s cock swell in my pussy then start to throb.

"I am going to cum," John yells out dropping my tit from his mouth…

"YES ahhhhhh," I yell out as well.

It feels as if my pussy was on fire as I felt cum flowing into it. Then I felt my own wetness flowing from my pussy all over us both. I rocked a few more times before I fell forward onto John. We lie on his desk kissing passionately for a long time. 

I finally get off John standing between his legs. John rises from his desk sitting up as his eyes go to my thighs and pussy. A look of panic over takes John as his eyes fill with fire then turn black as night. I look down to see blood matted in my hairy pussy as well as on my thighs. I look to see his cock covered in blood as well. John’s eyes seemed to roll up into his head then return. However when they did they were no longer the eyes of the man I knew.

John stopped his typing as he turned to me and he asked, "What do you see in my eyes today, Kay?"

I stare deeply into the eyes of the man I love with all my heart. His eyes tell me nothing for they are empty of any emotions almost lifeless. I cannot tell what his eyes are telling me for I can no longer read the eyes of the man I love so dearly. I hang my head in shame whether than to tell lies to him.

John reaches up and he turns his computer off as he said, "It is time for a break Kay."

John gets up from behind his desk as I wait for him to lift my head from my chest. However, he does not as he walks toward the door. John stops and I looked to him as he looks to me. My eyes fill with tears as I look upon the man I love.

"Sometimes, our eyes need to be washed by our tears so that we can see life with a clearer view again," John said to me as he walked out the door.

I leave you with that and as always let us know you are enjoying our story with your comments. The next chapter will be out soon.
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